Celebrities with “million dollar” smiles got them by wearing braces. And so do millions of other people each year! At Udis & Sethi Orthodontics, we spend hours behind-the-scenes planning treatment to make sure that your experience with braces is quick, easy and fun.

How do Braces Work?

Dr. Sethi or Dr. Udis will personally place a specific bracket on each of your teeth, and then select an archwire that is tied into your brackets with elastic color ties. We have a huge selection of colors to choose from! So each visit you can pick your favorite color so you can match your braces to your favorite sports team, an upcoming holiday or outfit! The brackets and wires (together called “Braces”) work as a team to guide your teeth to their ideal positions. At each visit, the wires will be adjusted to gradually align your teeth to produce a straight, perfect smile.

The Latest in Braces

Traditional braces aren’t what they used to be! Our office uses state-of-the-art braces that are smaller, smoother, and less noticeable than the braces adults may remember from years ago. We only use braces of the highest quality, made from advance metal alloys, which are not only strong but esthetic. We also can have options for light gold or champagne-colored braces so blend in with your teeth and look even more high-end and premium!

Clear Aligners

Aligners (such as Invisalign) use clear plastic that is almost invisible to the naked eye! We use aligners of the highest quality as they are BPA, mercury, latex and phthalate free. These removable aligners are able to shape perfect smiles without metal wires and brackets. Our practice is also an Elite Preferred Provider of Invisalign and we think it is the clear solution for patients who want a straighter, more confident smile but do not want traditional braces.

“Invisible Braces” and the Latest Technology

Udis & Sethi Orthodontics uses the latest in 3D Imaging Technology to develop a treatment plan and create a custom series of aligners. These aligners are changed regularly to slowly move a patient’s teeth into the best possible position. The patient will come in for check-ups semi-frequently so we can make sure you stay on track for that perfect smile.

The clear aligners are virtually invisible and generally pain-free. You remove them to brush, floss, drink and eat… and that means there are no food restrictions!

  • Treats a Wide Variety of Cases
  • Virtually-Invisible
  • Smooth, Comfortable Materials
  • Eat Whatever Foods you Enjoy

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During your first visit, you will meet with the doctor who will conduct a thorough check, explain your possible treatment options, and answer any and all of your questions.

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Taking Care of Your Braces

…is super easy with Udis & Sethi Orthodontics!

We are the only practice in the area that is part of Oral-B’s OrthoEssentials Program, and we give you a FREE Oral-B electric toothbrush in an awesome care package when you get braces with us!! Click to learn more about the program here: