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Our practice has proudly served as the community’s trusted choice for exceptional orthodontic care for kids, teens and adults for over 41 years!

Whether it is traditional metal braces, more esthetic gold/champagne-colored braces, Invisalign clear aligners, retainers and more, we make it our mission to bring out the best in your smile. The doctors will provide personalized treatment and tailor their plan to each patient’s specific needs. We have an almost obsessive knack for perfecting smiles and making a life-changing difference in our patients’ lives.

Kids Orthodontic Treatment

Protecting the Smiles of Tomorrow

We all want to protect our children’s precious (and sometimes mischievous) smiles. Even if your children still have some of their baby teeth left, it is not too early for them to visit the orthodontist. Along with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), we recommend children receive their first orthodontic screening by age 7. Early screenings allow us to recognize potential issues and address them before they become a problem.

Just like you take your child to the pediatrician to get their growth checks, taking them to an orthodontist early allows us to monitor the growth of their teeth. And only if necessary, would we provide simple, minimal treatment to prevent any issues we notice developing before they become bigger problems. We strongly believe in prevention of a problem, rather than waiting for it to become a bigger issue.

We create a warm, family-friendly environment that caters to you and your young ones. To do that, we feature the latest in digital technology with the use of safe, digital x-rays and utilize 3D digital scanner, which minimizes exposure to radiation, makes appointments faster and means no more gooey impressions!

Younger children don’t always need treatment, but early observation and routine monitoring can help protect your child’s smile as it develops.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that ALL kids have a check-up with an ORTHODONTIC SPECIALIST no later than Age 7.

Teens Orthodontic Treatment

Bring Out Your Best Smile

At this point, getting orthodontics is almost a rite of passage for a teenager. Millions of teens each year need some form of orthodontic treatment to help bring out their best smiles. While we recommend a consultation for younger children, ages 10-15 are the most common ages when an orthodontist starts treatment on a patient.

This is due to many reasons: socially it is when many of their friends have braces, it is most convenient for parents to bring them to appointments (vs. picking them up from college to bring them in), but perhaps most importantly, that is when the child is growing and developing the most and so at this time we have the highest success rate in improving their smile and bite.

Fixing the same bad bite in an adult is MUCH harder than fixing that same bite in a teenager — because a teen is still growing, therefore we have a better chance to help mold and shape their teeth and developing jaws.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Give yourself the confidence you deserve

You are never “too late” to work on yourself. As an adult, you may feel like braces are only for teens, but they are not. About 30% of orthodontic patients today are adults, and that number is only growing. Whether you want to fix a life-long issue with your bite or have recent concerns about your teeth shifting, we will help you uncover your best, most healthy smile.

We treat patients from 5 to 82 (yes, our oldest patient is 82!) with exceptional orthodontic care. We’re experts in common treatments like adult braces, esthetic braces, Invisalign clear aligners, and also more complex corrective procedures or even surgical procedures that may be needed as an adult. We work with the best dentists and dental specialists around to make sure you will be taken care of in the correct manner.

We know you value choice, which is why we offer flexible appointment times (including late hours), flexibility in payment plans, and different choices in treatment options. We want you to feel completely relaxed while visiting our office so we’ve even created a separate, private room for our adult patients.

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